Hi, my name is Christina. Thanks for stopping by!

Can cultures truly be changed by conversations? My story is evidence that they can. A defining moment in my life took place during a conversation I had with my mom in my 20’s. As we talked on an ordinary morning, my mom revealed a secret she’d kept hidden for decades. In the early 1980’s my mother had an appointment at Mt. Sinai hospital in Hartford, CT. This appointment was more than a routine visit. Outside pressures and inner anxieties lead her to schedule an abortion. She met with a hospital counselor who assured her she was making the right choice. As she sat for a moment in the hallway, an African-American janitor saw her crying and approached her. ‘Do you want to have this baby, she asked?’ When my mother said yes, the janitor replied, then 'God will give you the strength.' After the janitor's encouragement, the doctor called my mother into his office. She told him she changed her mind and wanted to leave. To her dismay, the doctor demanded she stay, insisting it was too late and telling her she had to go through with the abortion. With strength from above, my mom walked out. 

A simple conversation saved my life. Conversations can shift minds. Conversations can change outcomes. Conversations can reveal our identities and propel us into our destinies. We must never underestimate the power of a conversation.

After graduating college with a B.S in Business Communications, I decided to be a voice in prayer for those who were without one. I became a missionary, living in Washington D.C and working with the Justice House of Prayer & Bound4Life.

After D.C I spent three years on staff at a 24/7 house of prayer in Georgia, the International House of Prayer Atlanta.  During my missions work from 2005-2012 I had the great privilege of traveling to Holland, Mozambique, Guatemala, Nepal and Italy for short term trips. I served the poor, worked with orphans, and learned to love past my perceived limits. 

At 32 I came home to New England for what I thought was a short season of rest. I never left. In my home town, I met a strong, faithful man who I married this past summer. When we married, I became a wife and a stepmother in the same day.

I currently work for an amazing non-profit that serves pregnant women in crisis and their families. I’m also a blogger at LiveActionNews and my work has been shared in LifeSiteNews, LifeNews and the Bound4Lifeblog.

When I recently asked friends and family to describe me I received 80 different words. Out of those 80, the most repeated were passionate, compassionate, justice, bold, committed and honest. I want all of those things to be reflected in my writings and my life. 

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Our lives begin to die the day we become silent about things that matter’. I'm alive today because a stranger refused to be silent. I write these words in hope that you will join in the conversations of the culture and be the change our world needs.